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Health & Safety Management Systems and Plans

We can develop a system that fits your business and provide regular assistance to ensure that Health and Safety becomes a “live” part of your business. It is not uncommon for SMEs to have comprehensive documentation within the business, yet the information is not shared with the majority of staff.  Trust us – this does not help your business. We make sure that what we introduce is practical, relevant , implemented and understood by all staff.

Pre Qualification Assistance

Many principle P.C.B.Us will not engage other contractors unless they have been pre-qualified by an external agency Our experience has found that often businesses are meeting the necessary criteria to pre-qualify, but have just not documented or understood the format required. This is where we can assist you.  We simplify the process for you and make it easier for you to obtain pre-qualifications and continue to operate.

Health & Safety Audit

We can provide an audit of your workplace and offer suggestions of improvement to get you on the right track. Again some businesses we deal with are actually doing really well from a Health and Safety perspective but don’t actually realise it as they are intimidated by Health and Safety jargon. An audit may well identify that a business is doing really well but alternatively, it may identify some major fundamental risks to peoples’ safety in the workplace.


Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) Preparation

Many businesses are now required to provide a Site Specific Safety Plan prior to commencing works.  We can assist you in preparing a SSSP that will help keep your staff safe, but also keep you on the job.


Contractor Management

If you are engaging contractors then you must have a process to manage this engagement efficiently.  We provide some simple solutions to ensure your business is carrying out appropriate due diligence of contractors and meet legislative requirements through engagement.



We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service tailored to each individual business (P.C.B.U) to ensure that they are meeting their Health and Safety obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) and associated regulations.

Why are we different? Very simply, because we are practical. We can talk to businesses all day about “Lag Indicators” “Lead Indicators” and  “Lost Time Frequency Rates”but the reality is that for the majority of SMES this Health and Safety jargon is not applicable to their workplace - it actually scares people away from Health and Safety.


We get you on the right track by looking at the fundamental risk management in your business – can someone get hurt? If so, what are we doing to reduce the risk?

At Canterbury Health and Safety Solutions we like to spend time with a business on a semi regular basis. The reality is that SMEs get tied up on an operational level and Health and Safety often becomes a situation of “Yes we need to get on to that” but it never happens.  With our assistance we ensure that it does happen.




Dean Uren


New Zealand Diploma in Health & Safety Management (Level 6)

Dean is a HASANZ registered Health and Safety consultant . This is a registered body of Health and Safety Professionals . Dean is also a member of the NZISM (New Zealand Institute of Safety Management) where he has obtained Professional Status. Depending on the nature of your business by engaging a HASANZ registered Health and Safety Professional you may be entitled to A.C.C subsidy for consultancy fees


Dean began his career in the New Zealand Police Force where he regularly saw numerous high-risk and unpredictable circumstances that often called for immediate attention. With so much first-hand experience in volatile situations, the skill set he developed became central to a successful career in Health & Safety.

These skills were transferred to another role when he became the South Island Risk Manager for a company working in a very high risk and potentially dangerous environment.

Being passionate about reducing and isolating risks helped him to continue building a career that has overseen cultural changes in large companies’ Health & Safety implementation, where it had previously been viewed as ‘too hard’.

His main focus is to ensure that clients create a safe working environment for all staff whilst still being able to operate effectively and efficiently. Dean prides himself on providing practical and reasonable solutions to the management of Health & Safety in the workplace and does not like to see a business get tied up with irrelevant paperwork that offers no benefit. All paperwork or documentation introduced must have an intended purpose – to keep people safe.

Dean believes that work culture benefits by adopting Health & Safety procedures and it will actually improve its operational efficiencies, not detract from it.




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